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It Started Rough...but Ended with a Nap

If you watched my Facebook video from Monday, you will know that my Sunday was rough. Not like ruin your life rough, but everything seemed to just go slightly wrong. The store I went to was closed, then I found out I was at the wrong store anyway, and something that was supposed to be turned in during “normal life” has to be sent via email during Covid, only their website doesn’t say that. Oh! And my shelves that were supposed to be delivered last week are now sitting at the Post Office because the “mailbox was full.” Mailbox full? We have a normal sized mailbox, there is no way those every would have fit, and they should have been delivered to our front door, just like the others that we ordered. Now I get to go to the Post Office and get them. During work hours. Just me, have to have the right ID to pick them up. Across town from where I work.

You see where I am going here, right? It was just one of those days. It semi-culminated in my cat throwing up on the beautiful quilt my mother just made for us. That was sort of it for me, I knew that something had to change. I was starting to lean too far in to knowing that everything was going bad, and so I had to make a change. So, I took a nap. It was great. A solid hour of sleep (have to appreciate the fit-bit tracking exactly how long I slept). And when I woke up, I started my day again. I could not go back and change anything that had happened in the morning, but instead, I got to focus on having a good afternoon. This week we are focusing on little things you can do to have a great week. Each day on Instagram we have posted a tip, but you get a sneak peek at Thursday and Friday’s tips, yeah for you!

1. Start over. You may not be able to lay down and take an hour-long nap, on any given day I could not do that either. But I can close my eyes for a few seconds, or a few minutes, and then open my eyes to a fresh new day. The idea is that each morning “feels” fresh and new (or we want it to feel that way), and so we can change the rest of the day. The cool thing is that you can help others do this too. If you started your morning yelling at your kids, all of you should take a “two-minute nap” and start your day again, in a much more positive way.

2. Eat healthy and drink water. This one might seem overly simple, and not really “therapeutic,” but our brain is part of our body and when our brain and our body do not get what they need, then we act in ways that are not like us.

3. Talk to someone. Outside of your family, and outside of work. It is easy in these times to only talk with people who work with us, or who are in our family/live in our household, or frankly, not to talk to anyone at all. But we are a social people, and even those who say that they are “introverts,” solitary confinement is used as a punishment for a reason, people do not do well with it. No one to call? Go to Starbucks and talk to the person in the drive through, or take a walk around your neighborhood and just say hello. Connect with someone outside of your normal circle of people.

4. Appreciate the little things. In rough times, whether it is Covid or some other reason that you might be struggling, we have to appreciate the little things, because the big things might not happen. Not able to take a trip out of the country that you were hoping for? Maybe take a day trip to the lake? Maybe pack a picnic and have it in your backyard! Appreciate the weather, that you can enjoy the weather, or appreciate just that your body made it through to a new day.

5. Celebrate #TGIF, but still love your job. I love my job. I get excited planning for it. Not all of it, obviously. I like working with clients, meeting with staff. If I could safely avoid paperwork, payroll, bank accounts and audits for the rest of my life, I would. Unfortunately for me, I cannot, and that is okay. My love for my job does not mean that I am not allowed to also love the break of the weekend. My love for my job and the people that I work with does not mean that I cannot appreciate a break from them. If you are living for the weekend, that is probably not a good thing. You need to be able to celebrate #TGIF, but if you are counting minutes to get there, it might be time to take a real look at what can change in your life, or at your work.

These are simple tips, in a time that is not simple, but I hope that they will help you make it through the week. People who are optimists, people who are truly joyful and happy live on the same planet that you do, we just focus on the positive, stay present in the moment, and understand that rough days will happen, but we can change those rough days in to positive ones.

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