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Claudia Taylor

Claudia Taylor, BS, if one of the Building Successful Family Program Trainers. Claudia has over 11 years of experience working with children and families in Foster Care and Probation. Through her work with children and families, Claudia has gained a lot of knowledge, tools and strategies on how to deal with children’s behaviors, manage the education system and implementing strategies in the home to ensure a successful placement. Prior to joining the Building Successful Families Program, Claudia was a stay at home mom for three years. During those three years, Claudia engaged her passion in helping families in need as she volunteered as a Family Coach for Safe Families for Children. While at Safe Families, she helped numerous families at risk of losing their children to the foster care system. Claudia’s personal goal as a BSF trainer is to empower the foster parents with the skills needed to take ownership of this process, provide the children with emotional safety through making healthy life choices, and become an agent of change in theses children’s lives.

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