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Life Coaching

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater life fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Life coaching is different than mental health treatment, such as counseling or therapy, in that it focuses on the present and the future, it focuses on your abilities and new strategies that you can use in order to change your daily life experiences. Life coaching is particularly helpful for those people who are in life transitions or for those who are having difficulty with work-life balance. The life coaching that VMS Coaching provides particularly focuses on self-care for those who are in the social services field, as well as other helping professionals. The benefit of life coaching is that it can provide support to a variety of individuals, not just to one small group of people.

Our Team

All VMS Coaches have been trained by the FLOW Coaching Institute, which is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Erica Sanchez
    Erica Sanchez

    Erica has been with VMS Family Counseling Services since August 2019.  Erica has taken extensive Life Coaching courses through FLOW Coaching Institute, an ICF accredited program.  Erica also is an internal coach for Fresno County DSS. Erica's coaching is aimed towards helping professions who need support in ensuring they are taking care of themselves so they can continue to serve others.  Erica's coaching focuses on the discovery of true self-care, without feeling selfish.  Focusing on the strengths of the client to move forward in their career and personal life. Erica supports learning about healthy boundaries and balancing life at work and life at home. Discover how you can be your best self to continue to service others at your full potential. 


Simple, straightforward pricing
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Purchasing multiple sessions at one time does allow for reduced fees, and group sessions are also available. Please contact us today to learn more about these packages!

Flow Certified Coach (FCC)
$90 per 60-minute session
Flow Certified Professional Coach (FCPC)
$120 per 60-minute session
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
$140 per 60-minute session
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We’re a no-judgment zone, so feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns.
Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with a life coach? Do you have additional questions, or would you like to talk to one of our team members to try to identify whether or not life coaching might be right for you? Please text or call Erica at (559) 477-7492 or schedule directly at: