2020 Topics and Calendars 

This year we will be utilizing an 8 module trauma-informed Resource Parent Training Developed by The National Traumatic Stress Network.  The curricula begins in February and will conclude In September. We will end the year with 3 additional trainings developed by VMS Family Counseling Services.
The goal of this curricula is to educate resource parents about the impact of trauma on the development and behavior of children in foster care to provide resource parents with the knowledge and skills needed to:

 • Respond appropriately to the behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized children 

• Help traumatized children develop healthy attachments 
• Help traumatized children recognize and develop their strengths 

• Help traumatized children develop the coping strategies needed to grow into healthy and functional adults

 • Take care of themselves and seek support from others

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February: Module 1

Basics of Trauma 

March: Module 2

Trauma 101 

April: Module 3

Understanding Trauma Effects

May: Module 4

Building a Safe Place 

June: Module 5

Dealing with Feelings and Behaviors

July: Module 6

Connection and Healing 

August: Module 7

Becoming an Advocate 

September: Module 8

Taking Care of Yourself 

October Topic:

Substance Use Amongst Foster Youth 

November Topic:

Understanding and Coping with Sexual Behaviors 

December Topic: 

Cultural Sensitivity for Resource Parents

Please click on the calendar below for the month to see what days we are offering the trainings.

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