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Business Coaching Services

Get clear on your vision

Business coaching services assists and guides owners, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and line staff by helping them clarify the vision of their business or position and how it fits in with their personal goals and values. Business coaching is a process that is used to take a person, or business, from where it is now to where the individual wants it to be. VMS offers individual and group business coaching services, with entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses, to executives who are ready to improve their leadership skills and run the team that they want to support and run.

Our Team

  • Victoria Sanders, LMFT 52610, FCC

    Victoria Sanders is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, a CEO, a Professor in a Master’s in Counseling Program, a Mentor for new therapists, and an Executive Business coach. Victoria began VMS Family Counseling Services in 2013, $5,000 in debt just to get started and working alone. By 2020, the organization clears seven figures, and has 15 employees. But this was not an overnight process, it was rough, and building a sustainable business requires a lot of hard work, both professionally and personally. Through the last seven years, she has experienced judgement from others, as well as from herself, struggles rising and being seen as a professional, and fear of asking for help for being seen as weak. As she moved through all of these things, she recognized that other young, female Executives and Entrepreneurs were experiencing the same thing! As your Business Coach, she will partner with you to help you move through any struggles that you are having, personally or professionally, and she can do so, because she lived through it herself! She can help you create stability in your personal life, and sustainability and stability in your business.

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Simple, straightforward pricing
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Purchasing multiple sessions at one time does allow for reduced fees, and group sessions are also available. Please contact us today to learn more about these packages!

Flow Certified Coach (FCC)
$250 per 60-minute session
Flow Certified Professional Coach (FCPC)

$300 per 60-minute session
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
$350 per 60-minute session
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Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with a business coach? Do you have additional questions, or would you like to talk to one of our team members to try to identify whether or not life coaching might be right for you? Please contact Vicki at, text or call at 559-573-4194 or schedule an appointment directly at